Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me!

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Six years ago I walked down the aisle a blubbering mess. Pregnancy hormones and seeing him at the 'make-shift alter' had the waterworks flowing before I even stepped into through the double doors.

It's been a long, difficult six years. More up and downs than I'd ever think possible for two people to endure. I used to blog whenever I was down, more often than now it was because of him. In the past year I've cut that out mostly. I find if I think of the positives when he is driving me up a wall, every one is happier, and I don't make him out to always be the bad guy.

Our anniversary's tend to come and go with just a "Happy Anniversary" and a card to each other. Of the previous five, only one had a happy memory.

Until now. The hubs and I are not big on going out and spending loads of money we don't have. Even as a rare treat, unless the kids are with us. This year, do to the same funds we always seem to lack, we decided to stay home. We shipped out all three children for the night. I went to Hallmark and Gamestop looking for something, anything to get him for our special day. What do you get a man after 11 years together? What does he want besides a PS3? I hadn't a clue! At gamestop I saw Monopoly for the Wii. How perfect!

Let me explain. The hubs beats me at everything! And I do mean everything. Especially video games. The board game Monopoly is the only thing we have played with each other that I have always won. I am the Monopoly champ 'round these parts. No one I have ever played has won. Until last night. He beat me and the two other computers. I don't think I've heard that much laughter from him and I in a long time. It was as if it were the first year or two of our relationship again.

Before starting our game we picked up some subs from the local pizza joint and just sat and talked. Not something we get to due to often. And when we do talk, it's usually about money or the kids. Never about us.

After we ate, we took a shower, then started our game. I feared we'd both be sound asleep by 9:30-10. Proving we are an old married couple. Instead we played Monopoly until a bit after one.

When we finally were ready to go to sleep, it was nearing 3 am. I couldn't believe it! We had a night, with out fearing the children waking up, just laughing and having fun. He could not believe I actually stayed away from the computer and my books all night. I couldn't believe he didn't once try to put on Ghost Adventures. We fell asleep in each others arms.

This morning, due to him needing to go to work, we went and picked up the kids together. At my parents house, each boy ran up to us, with a handful of flowers. Not one was a dandelion!

We may go out for ice cream or to the park when the hubs gets home. We had our night, now it's time to switch from "anniversary mode" to "mother's day". Either way, we will spend tonight and tomorrow as a family.

We did not do much, nor did we do anything special. Yet, this sixth anniversary has been by far the best yet.

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