Thursday, April 30, 2009

Results are in; Bailey Grace Elizabeth it is


Bailey Grace Elizabeth M. is a beautiful little girl, who is already sucking her thumb like her mommy, as she was at 10 weeks at our 1st trimester risk assessment. At 1st glance we all thought boy. We could not get a good look at the girly parts and was were positive it was a boy. We found out it was the cord, when our little princess listened to us and stretched out a bit as she was folded in half. I will never beg her to open her legs again. Bailey's heart rate was 149 beats per minute. Placenta is anterior again and she is breech. So like Collin we will probably not feel her move much. Which means I may decide another baby is for me, as I really want to experiance the hiccups and kicking I felt with Thomas. Who knew I would miss the foot in the ribs feeling? We did not get a length measurement as there were some concerns.


Apparently Bailey Grace has a few cysts on her brain. I was told they are not something to worry about yet. And are quite common at 17.5 weeks. Usually they dissolve, and are completely gone by birth. We will be monitering it, and going to Yale New Haven Hospital for a second look. Please wish us the best with us, as parents we are worried.

Regarding the cramping that we have been experiencing this week, we could not find a cause. They believe I may have pulled a muscle lifting Thomas or Collin. Kidneys, gallbladder, and ovaries are completely normal. Cervix is closed and 4 cm long. We will stick with resting as much as possible, increased fluids and Tylenol, which has been helping a bit.

So we have our baby girl! I am so excited, I cannot stop smiling! Now to buy her the pink carseat I have been wanting since pregnant with Thomas.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

My littlest man is getting oh so big.

My Collin has been climbing out of his crib-or rather pack-&-play for weeks now. So we set up the brand new crib we just got this morning, and of course he climbed out of that as well.. So it is official.. At just 15 months old my itty bitty baby boy (he is still so small to me) is officially in a toddler bed, well at least for tonight.. We are trying it out. Fortunetly we have an extra crib mattress so I laid one on the floor next to the crib/toddler bed, just in case he falls out.. Man I am a nervous wreck. When did he become a toddler?


Friday, April 24, 2009

Damn you sciatica!

Man, its usually my 1st pre-bfp clue I am pregnant. Out of no where at work my hip will start to ache and at the end of my shift I can't walk. As the pregnancy continues it worsens to the point if I am on my feet I can barely limp without pain. Today marks the official "its unbearable" point in this pregnancy.

23 weeks to go and I can barely walk, and cannot get out of bed in the AM.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Most recent OB Appt and Gender ultrasound planned!

164 lbs, 5 lb gain in 4 weeks, 1 lb in two week-about time!
BP 100/60, urine normal!

Gender ultrasound is May 1st at 10 am. Cannot wait!

Oh and asked about major cramping I have been having, told to just take it easy... yea right.

16 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Well its been more or less 4 weeks since I posted, feels longer..

As the title says I am 16+ weeks right now. Tomarrow is my next OB appt. We will know when we will know the sex of the baby and if it will be Bailey Grace Elizabeth or Samual Adam.

I am still experiancing morning sickness and weight loss, well I am pretty sure about the weight loss, though I hope tomorrow I will learn I have started to gain. I am not puking daily anymore, but I am still really nausious daily, and puking every other day-every two days.

I am still faithfully taking my belly pictures, here are weeks 13, 14, 15, and 16.

I decided to dish out a few bucks and got the Intelligender Gender prediction kit. Basically you pee, and if it turns orange its a girl, green its a boy. This was my result:


I finally made a baby purchase, just a little unisex sleeper, couldn't resist $2.59!

I will blog tomarrow regarding my appt.

Promise I won't ignore my blogs again!

Been a while huh?

Wow, I haven't blogged in ages! So much has happened!

I am in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy-going great, check the details (and pictures) our at my other blog The Unexpected. Oh, if boy, baby is Samual Adam; if girl, Bailey Grace Elizabeth.

My parents moved out! We are officially on our own. Tom and I in our own room. Thomas in his own real bed. Collin in his crib, when he isn't climbing out. The boys are lucky enough to have a playroom, all to themselves! They love it! I my own computer back, though it is really slow and old, I have my photoshop back! We have the backyard all to ourselves, the boys love it!
-Oh and we also have a roommate! Vinny is my brothers friend of 7 or 8 years. And helps us out with the rent, which is great! He isn't ever home when I am so it works perfectly!

Work is going great! I love waitressing so much its weird. I love the tips, the attention, and all the flirting. Who knew being pregnant would turn on so many guys? In fact, one guy actually said to me, "Man I so wanna bite the shit out of your belly!" WTF?? Whatever... Hours will be getting cut soon as the leagues are all ending, but all is well.

The meth. program sucks.. I refuse to see the shrink there anymore, as he thinks I am crazy.. Apparently I am not stable enough to take home my methadone bottles, I may OD or poison my kids or something... Fuck him. Plus he wants to prescribe me meds that are catagory X for pregnancy... Fuck him again. I really wish I could detox. I really want to detox. I believe I am ready to detox. I can't detox. Detoxing means buh-bye baby. That would be bad!

My mind is really fucking me. I am having problems decifering fact from fiction, and reality from dreams as of late, and I need to find a new shrink to discuss this shit.. Thank god for free medical now.. I am having alot of manic-down mood swings lately and rapid crazy highs.. I know I need to find a med that I can safely take while pregnany and breastfeeding. I refuse to take a med I cannot breastfeed on, or that will harm my child.

Mostly though things really are going well. Heck I am even planning my very 1st weekend EVER out of CT!

Oh! Here are my latest photos and creation from photoshop!



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