Thursday, August 27, 2009

Appointment, ultrasound, and belly pictures!

Tuesday afternoon was my 34 weeks appointment. Just a regular visit plus an ultrasound since my last OB visit my uterus was measuring smaller than my Dr. expected.
Unfortunately Tom had to miss the entire appointment due to being back at work, and will miss my next one as well. We are both upset about it, as he always has come to all my appointments. I swear between all three children, he has only missed 5 appointments so far, 3 of them being an ultrasound for each kiddo.

The ultrasound was first. Since it was to measure growth, we got an estimated weight, which is 5 lbs 13 oz. I know very well ultrasounds can be way off, but still it makes me feel really good knowing she is growing very well, considering she is supposed to be small based on all the research of I have read about methadone babies. Bailey was hard to see, as my amniotic fluid is low. I don't recall the number, but Dr. Sharpe said it was in the gray area. It was exactly where I remember it being with Collin. With Collin, the Dr. just told me to increase my fluids. I am not sure why, but this time he was more cautious. He told me to increase fluids, stay off my feet as much as possible, stay in air conditioning during the day, and to limit my activity. He told me if it drops much more I will be on bed rest. Then he asked if I was still working, I told him Sunday is my last day. He then told me, if I was still planning on working, he would have me stop now. I am of course a nervous wreck trying to figure out why with Collin it wasn't nearly as concerning as it is this time, at least this time she is head time and I am feeling her move constantly.. Oh, and the biggest reason I am so concerned and worried now..

He wants me to come in for weekly ultrasounds and ob visits. This is so new to me as I am used to not seeing him weekly until 38 weeks....

As for the rest of the appointment, urine was fine, bp was 100/60 as always, and my weight hasn't changed since my last appointment, so I am still up 8 lbs total.

I haven't posted belly pictures in a bit so here are the ones you all have missed:
Weeks 30 and 31:

Weeks 32 and 33:

Lastly, week 34:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You Kara!

Just wanted to publicly thank you on this blog here as well.
I received the box of maternity clothes, and love every single item in there!
Also, I cannot believe everything in there fits me perfectly.

Kara, from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you.


I don't know about anyone else. But I find the prices of maternity clothes a bit ridiculous. I mean, come on! These articles of clothing cost twice as much as what I usually pay for things. Also, I am a very picky shopper. I don't like much when it comes to clothes. I am a plain jane. I don't like busy clothing, bright colors or a variety of colors. I mainly stick to solids and stripes when it comes to tops in the colors of black, brown, gray, green, and pink. When it comes to bottoms, I only wear bootleg or flared jeans. Very, very rarely I will do a plain skirt, just below the knees or a sun dress just above the knees. And dresses and skirts are only when I am knocked-up. Like I said, total plain jane.

With Thomas, I only purchased 4 maternity items. Two pain v-neck tee's, one pair of shorts and overalls. That was it.

With Collin, same thing. Two v-neck tee's, two pairs of jeans. And lastly, my bella band which let me wear my pre-pregnancy pants and tops through out my pregnancy. Again, that was it!

This time... I haven't had any cash to go shopping at all. I am still wearing wearing almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothing, again thanks to my bell band from my pregnancy with Collin. I have purchased two plain tee shirts again, one pair of jean capri's, and lastly one pair of work pants. Once again.. That was it!

Now, the reason for this post. A few weeks ago, I got a message on Facebook from a JM friend, Kara. She asked if I needed maternity clothes and graciously offered her stash. I love and greatly appreciate hand-me-downs, so I accepted.

I just found a box on my front porch. Never once saw UPS or anyone deliver it and haven't been on the front porch in days, so I don't know when it came, but it was there. It was the box of clothes from Kara.

Out of no where I got really nervous. All I was thinking as I was cutting open the tape was, "None of these will fit me, they will all be too small." Thinking about my picky-self, petrified I would hate everything.

I opened the box, ooh-ed and ah-ed and tried on each item in the box. Eight shirts that I actually really love, and love the way they look on me. One sweater/thin jacket. One skirt. And lastly, three pairs of jeans, that actually fit right and look good. Everything was in immaculate condition!

I feel like a 13 year old girl on Christmas morning. I am just that excited!

Thank you so much Kara! You have no clue how much you have just given me. The box was so much more than just clothes. So much more. Thank you again. And if there is any way at all I can pay you back. Please! Please let me know! I am so very grateful!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The light at then end of the tunnel

Tom starts work tomorrow! In the union! It seems every time I get excited about this, he only works for a week and then is laid off again, so lets hope and pray that this is it and he is back to work for good!

Let's hope we can finally catch up.
Let's hope we can find an apartment within our budget.
Let's hope we can pay Thomas' 1st tuition in time.
Let's hope we can pay our electric bill before it is turned off.
Let's hope we can make our car payment before it is repo'd.
Let's hope we can afford Thomas' 4th birthday party.
Let's hope we can do all this before Bailey makes her entrance.

Let's hope this is it.
Let's hope this is the sun shining through, and not a train wreck waiting to happen, again.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

He's so jealous.

Collin that is. I am no longer allowed to hug or kiss Thomas. Every time I show my oldest child any form of affection Collin immediately starts whining and gets in the way, shoving Thomas away.

Example: I was leaving for work this morning. I gave Collin a hug and kiss, then went to hug Thomas, every time I tried, Collin would hug my knees with one arm and shove Thomas with the other. When I went to kiss Thomas, Collin, still at my knees started making his kiss face and sound at me.

And the worst part of all is I really do not think he likes his brother too much. I mean they play together very well most of the time. Collin will reach to hold his hand when walking out doors or in stores. Yet, he will not under any circumstance give Thomas a hug, kiss, high-five, or anything. He just will not. He pushes him away, hits him, screams at him, ect..

What will I do when Bailey gets here? Will he be jealous of her as well?


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