Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don't know about anyone else. But I find the prices of maternity clothes a bit ridiculous. I mean, come on! These articles of clothing cost twice as much as what I usually pay for things. Also, I am a very picky shopper. I don't like much when it comes to clothes. I am a plain jane. I don't like busy clothing, bright colors or a variety of colors. I mainly stick to solids and stripes when it comes to tops in the colors of black, brown, gray, green, and pink. When it comes to bottoms, I only wear bootleg or flared jeans. Very, very rarely I will do a plain skirt, just below the knees or a sun dress just above the knees. And dresses and skirts are only when I am knocked-up. Like I said, total plain jane.

With Thomas, I only purchased 4 maternity items. Two pain v-neck tee's, one pair of shorts and overalls. That was it.

With Collin, same thing. Two v-neck tee's, two pairs of jeans. And lastly, my bella band which let me wear my pre-pregnancy pants and tops through out my pregnancy. Again, that was it!

This time... I haven't had any cash to go shopping at all. I am still wearing wearing almost all of my pre-pregnancy clothing, again thanks to my bell band from my pregnancy with Collin. I have purchased two plain tee shirts again, one pair of jean capri's, and lastly one pair of work pants. Once again.. That was it!

Now, the reason for this post. A few weeks ago, I got a message on Facebook from a JM friend, Kara. She asked if I needed maternity clothes and graciously offered her stash. I love and greatly appreciate hand-me-downs, so I accepted.

I just found a box on my front porch. Never once saw UPS or anyone deliver it and haven't been on the front porch in days, so I don't know when it came, but it was there. It was the box of clothes from Kara.

Out of no where I got really nervous. All I was thinking as I was cutting open the tape was, "None of these will fit me, they will all be too small." Thinking about my picky-self, petrified I would hate everything.

I opened the box, ooh-ed and ah-ed and tried on each item in the box. Eight shirts that I actually really love, and love the way they look on me. One sweater/thin jacket. One skirt. And lastly, three pairs of jeans, that actually fit right and look good. Everything was in immaculate condition!

I feel like a 13 year old girl on Christmas morning. I am just that excited!

Thank you so much Kara! You have no clue how much you have just given me. The box was so much more than just clothes. So much more. Thank you again. And if there is any way at all I can pay you back. Please! Please let me know! I am so very grateful!


  1. did you ever get the box of halloween and christmas clothes I sent? I sent them a while ago, and am needing your address again for a bunch more newborn stuff Bella has outgrown.

  2. Awww you are so sweet! I'm so happy they got to you! I was worried about that the most since it was a larger package! I'm happy to help you out! I know how it is to be stretched my cash and maternity clothes are sooo expensive! Those bastards lol! I'm glad you like all the stuff too! Some isn't maternity but I wore as maternity. Your very welcome hun! :)

  3. Thank you again Kara! Trish, no, not yet :( Should I check the post office? I will pm you my address when I get more than a second to myself

  4. Yeah I would if I were you I sent them, gosh, close to a month ago.

  5. That is cool!!! I've never had luck with maternity clothes!! How fun to have stuff you can wear again thru other pregnancies and look good.

    Great post!



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