Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some families have two Daddy's

That was the sentence that started one hell of a long conversation with Thomas last night.

I was at the table with the kids eating dinner. Thomas asked if he could be the Daddy since Tom wasn't home. But then Collin wanted to be the Daddy. They argued and Thomas' response was there could only be one Daddy.

"Some families have two Daddy's," was my reply. We've had a conversation very similar years ago and I guess it was time for another.

"What? How? How can two Daddy's have a baby?"

We discussed how although all babies come from a man and women, not all families have a Mommy and Daddy. We discussed how some women have babies to give to families who can't have their own. We discussed how some women just can't keep their babies. We discussed that their are many, many different types of families. And that there are even some kids who don't have a mommy or a daddy. We even discussed adoption.

We discussed families with a Mom, Dad, and the kids.
Families with just a Mom or just a Dad, that may or many not have the other parent in the child's life.
Families with two Mommies, or two Daddies.
Families with no parents, families where the Grandparent, Aunt, or Uncle lives with the kids.

It was a long conversation with many questions. One I'm glad we had now that he is a bit older and does understand more.

Our family.


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