Friday, February 25, 2011

Evil Kitty

When my son chose the only all black kitten out of a litter of all perfectly mixed black and white cats, that looked like cows I did not stop to think about stigma behind black cats. It's just a cat. Right?

Then when he named our new little boy kitten, "Darth Vader" (Vader for short), again I didn't think we were setting up anything negative.

Then we moved. And the cat moved with us. This cat has to be the most evil creature I've ever met.
If you walk by him and his bowl is empty in the kitchen, he strikes. I'm talking, standing on hind legs, swatting and biting anyone who walks by. And I do mean anyone. 
He loves attention, and would prefer if someone were to spend the whole day petting him. Yet, even that has to be on his terms. If you pet too hard, too fast, too slow, stop for a brief moment, he bites. 
For a pet that was supposed to be for my son, the kids all hate him. And he hates the kids. Most of the time. 
Very rarely, he'll play nice with them. Very rarely. 

Anyways...this afternoon while taking some pictures of Bailey, I noticed him sitting still looking out the window. I snapped a few of him, thinking maybe they'd look decent in black and white for a photo contest I was planning on entering.

What I ended up with was not what I began with, but with the nature of Vader, 
I love the way it turned out. 

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  1. Well, he might be evil, but he is definitely beautiful! LOVE the picture! : )I am sorry you have an evil cat. That stinks!

  2. I'm with Rebekah! He sounds so much like my in law's really old cat, who was just mean spirited most of the time. But they loved him anyway. LOL

  3. What a great shot. I could swear you've caught him plotting to take over the world!

    I had a stinker cat when I was a kid. If you fell asleep on the couch with your feet hanging out they'd get attacked for SURE.



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