Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Trimester here I come!

I cannot believe I am almost 13 weeks already. I cannot wait to get far away from this dreaded 1st trimester! Between the previous miscarriage and the methadone. I just have been a nervous wreck, despite the many perfect ultrasounds.

Anyway, I forgot to post my belly picture last week so here is 11 weeks and 12 weeks, in that order. I cannot believe how cute my bump is getting, I have never been on the skinny side so with both boys I looks like I was gaining weight. This time I am alot smaller than ever, so combining that with my weight loss, I feel I look so cute, well from the neck down, LOL!

11 weeks:

12 weeks:

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  1. You look great Nicole! Can't wait for the gender ultrasound!!!



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