Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby is oh so healthy!

Since I am on the methadone, I have decided to opt for all the testing I can, so if there were something "wrong" with the baby, I could educate myself and do everything I can to provide the absolutely best life for the baby.

Yesterday was the 1st trimester risk assessement. I won't get my exact result for about a week, since I am earlier than expected when I made the appt (based on last period I should be 12 weeks not 10)

All the measurements the sonographers took were completely normal. The baby was not being very understanding when the two sonographers kept trying to make him or her move.

This bean is just like mommy as a baby, just content in the fetal position with thumb in mouth and pointer finger on nose ♥

Here are the two photo's we were given, they are 4x the size we are used to from our OB office.



Oh and I forgot to post on Monday, but here is my 10 week belly picture:

I so like the 9 week one better :P

My OB is finally worried about my weight loss, non-existant appetite and unability to keep down even fluids, so he gave me zofran.

So far so good!

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  1. Love the bean pics! Hope you're feeling better!



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