Monday, March 2, 2009

Less than a month now!

And I will be in my second trimester. I cannot wait to get away from the aweful first. I basically just want to know if this pregnancy is really meant to be. For me, I guess getting to the 2nd trimester means it really is.
I have not thrown up in two days. Yet, I am even more nausious than ever... Sucks to be me.
Fatigue is taking the absolute worst toll on me. I will get through. If I can make it to 13 weeks I will know just how meant to be Bailey or Samuel is.

I started a new book My Mother Wears Combat Boots.
I didn't know when I bought it, that it was pretty much all about attatchment parenting. There are a few things that this book seems to really be putting me down about regarding certain parenting ways I choose. Yet, I can't put it down. I love the author the ways she backs up all of her information with facts and research. Thats really the way you have to be as a parent!

I also took my 9 week belly picture today:


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