Friday, February 27, 2009

Bailey or Samual?

Since we miscarried we have had Bailey Grace picked out as our girl name. We absolutely love it! We have decided to add Elizabeth to it to honor my Nana Elizabeth Grace. And my mother, Grace Elizabeth.

This time around I get to decide the boy name. Man oh man, was it hard to think of a traditional sounding name that flowed well with Thomas Harold and Collin Paul. We decided to go with Samual after Tom's grandfather and Adam, after the beer Sam Adams.

The reason for the naming after a beer is because of our names. Tom Collin(s) the drink. Bailys Irish Cream. So Adam just fit perfectly with Samual.

So the bean in my belly is:
Bailey Grace Elizabeth Montgomery
Samual Adam Montgomery

I am so absolutely in love.

1 comment:

  1. whoa. Naming a baby after a beer that should make them feel special. As hard as it is in today's society why would you want to do that when you know yourself how hard it is to fight addictions?



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