Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking towards the future

Another week gone by, I guess you can say I am officially 2 months pregnant. Wow, 2 months? That's it? Yup. Its been almost 5 weeks since I found out baby #3 was on his or her way.

I am finally becoming as excited as I was with the boys.
I am totally looking forward to having another itsy bitsy baby around.

Mostly, though, I am looking forward to the next 8 months. Do not forget a pregnancy is 10 months! Not 9!

I am really looking forward to watching my body grow, there is nothing more beautiful and amazing than a woman who's pregnant. The attention recieved is always so positive, at least in my experiance.

Also, I cannot wait to feel the flutters, then the kicks, then the baby just moving in the slightest way. With Collin I had a anterior placenta and he was breech, so I didn't feel much at all, the entire pregnancy. I am really hoping this baby is super active like my Thomas was!

Also, I cannot wait to go into labor, I am quite interested in seeing if I could go natural again. I really want to!

And lastly, watching this little blob that relies on me for every last thing, grow into a person, with his or her own needs and desires.

Little pumpkin pea, I cannot wait to see you grow into a little person. I love you so much already.

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