Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1st Ultrasound was yesterday.

I wasn't even nervous going in. Just so excited. I get to see my little pea. 7w3d? I should see a little blob in there. We go in. Just a sac. I was going crazy in my mind. It was thinking, blighted ovum, miscarriage, everything bad that can happen and totally not thinking healthy little embryo. I don't know what to think. I want to think positively. I do not want to be thinking nothing but the bad. We had sex between Christmas and New Years. My last period was December 15th. That makes sense since I should have ovulated around December 29th. Yet.. I have posted about our mess of home pregnancy tests.. The ultrasound is putting me at 5weeks3days. Which would make my last period December 29th. And putting us having sex around Jan 12th. and getting a faint positive around Jan 22nd which is what happened.

Maybe I am looking way to far into this.. Maybe I am just a total pessimist and I will never be able to picture the glass half full. Maybe baby 3 isn't meant to be. Maybe I need a drink and a smoke, but that can't happen..

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  1. Maybe you just need a hug? Wish I was there to give you one!



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