Saturday, July 3, 2010

My week in Status'.

Sunday June 27th @ 11:31 pm:

*yawn* what a struggle to get the sleeping kids out of the car, to the front door, up the stairs, and into bed. Poor Thomas started stumbling in circles and kept walking into the car. :( I tried holding him but couldn't get Collin out. Then put Thomas back in the passengers side, grabbed Collin, and couldn't lift Thomas back up.. Poor kid had to walk, practically still asleep. Even fell up the stairs :( Both in bed!

Monday June 28th @ 11:37 am:

Mommy: "Collin!" Collin: "Wha?" Mommy: "Here you go." Collin: "Dank yo"

Tuesday June 29th @ 6:13 pm:

Nothing like sitting with 12 other addicts discussing how to manage our priorities

Wednesday June 30th @ 8:07 pm:

Mom's of very white children: Make sure to put sunscreen on more than 1-2x/hr. It is not enough. Poor Thomas.....

Thursday July 1st @ 9:56 am:

For the 1st time in (almost) 9 months I honestly believe she is definitely teething. Poor girl has chewed on EVERY THING this morning, nonstop. Including my fingers, my toe, and my nipples. And super fussy and miserable.. Why I waited 2.5 hrs to think of the teething tablets is beyond me.

Friday July 2nd @ 9:00 am:

9 months of loving, nourishing, protecting, and cherishing you. I love you sweet baby Bailey.

Saturday July 3rd @ 2:40 pm:

way up north where there's ice and snow;
there lived a penguin and his name was Joe.
He got so tired of black and white,
he wore pink slacks to the dance last night.
BOOM BOOM Ain't it great to be crazy?

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