Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Which to choose?

Trish of Two Blues and a Pink is awesome, not only is she the creator of my kick-ass header up there, she was sweet and kind enough to make my pick ass a button for my blog.

Problem now is:
 1. "unexpected" doesn't fit in the average size button and
 2. I can't choose! She made two. Yep, I got that lucky!

So what do you all think?

Should I go with this one?

Or, should I pick this one?


  1. I like both of them, but I actually prefer the first. I'm not big on the animated buttons.

  2. personally the awesome Trish doesn't care for animated buttons either! ((LOL)) but lots of people do so that got made first and then I thought well... lets make a not animated one too.

  3. I don't like animated as much as I like unanimated, so I'm inclined to go for the first, BUT...I first read it as, "UN-ECTED" (my brain, I know) just because of the way it wraps.

    I guess I'd do the first one, but I wonder...could it be redone (if Trish the Awesome is willing) so you have in large font, centered:


    and then in the small font below that, put "the Unexpected"?

    I'm fond of banners that catch my eye, and the above would, because really -- the title's not as important as grabbing eyes FIRST and then giving them the payload, ya know?

    Just a thought -- they're both great and the header is fabulous.



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