Tuesday, January 18, 2011

24 on the 23rd.

My 24th birthday is fast approaching. Most people I know feel so old when they think of their age. I am so completely the opposite. I feel so young when I think of my age. 23? I'm just 23? I'm only turning 24? How can that be? When I think of being with Tom for nearly 11 years, and being married for nearly 6, and when I think of having three children and being pregnant 5 times, I can't believe I am still so young. I don't feel so young. I feel older, not necessarily old, but older. I feel much closer to 30, rather than close to 25.

For 3 years now, anytime someone learned my age, they think I'm lying. Yes really. I remember working at the gas station and being told I couldn't be any younger than 30. I had just turned 21. Here I am about to turn 24 and it just doesn't seem right at all..

I guess I should just be thankful that I really am still young.

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