Saturday, January 15, 2011

365 Week Two Recap!

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We two was filled with cold, snow, sickies, laundry. You know, just plain life.
Saturday we went out to play in the snow, came in had hot chocolate and soup for lunch.
Then the sickies kicked in full force. Friday afternoon, Bailey had the pukes and shits. Saturday morning, the hubs did. I thought it was a food issue, as the boys and I were fine. At least at that point. 
About a half hour after lunch, Thomas got sick, and stayed sick until late Sunday. Saturday night, after bedtime, it hit me. And in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Collin got struck with the evil forces of this stomach bug. 
Monday, at lunch time, I finally felt good enough to actually eat something and made two amazing buffalo chicken wraps. Oh my! HEAVEN! Tuesday we tackled 3 weeks of laundry, plus all the vomit covered towls and sheets. I ended up folding laundry from 2 pm until bedtime. Wow!
Late Tuesday night, the big snow started falling. We woke to 30 inches of powder on the ground. The kids spent most of the morning staring out the window, waiting to go out and play. All three with their hats on.
On Thursday I could not get a picture I thought I'd like to post. I ended up standing behind the hubs on a chair, while he was cooking, and snapping a quick photo of him in action.
Friday morning it was FREEZING and we had to leave early to bring Thomas to school and get to Collin's last speech therapy session and I found perfect icy flakes on the windshield.
It was a typical week in our household, with just a bit more snow and cold than usual.

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