Friday, May 7, 2010

Speech Therapy has begun!

Copied from my blog
My little Collin had his 1st speech therapy appt that focused on him instead of me filling out forms and answering questions. He played with the therapist's I Phone, which was showed pictures of animals, said the name and made the animal sound. Collin was supposed to ask for more, either by saying or signing the word. He repeatedly signed more. Then he played 'stop' game while coloring, he drew circle scribbles and when the therapist said stop he had to stop. He followed directions perfectly. Then he was able to put animal stickers on the paper, again asking for more. He signed more every single time and was saying please (meez) as well. So proud he has learned this word. Then he made a necklace. He basically 'sewed' the foam pieces onto the string with a plastic sewing needle. Again every time he wanted another piece he had to sign more. My amazing baby boy started SAYING more (mo) while signing it! OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I cannot believe he picked up a word after 30 minutes of playing with this lady! I actually started tearing up, I was so proud.

I cannot wait until my son can express he needs and wants and whatever else his little heart desires to me. <3

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