Saturday, May 8, 2010

While she eats.

Sometimes while I nurse my daughter, I just stare in awe. I stroke her cheek, rub her head, and hold her little hand. Some days, like today, she is wearing a regular t-shirt and I can see her little tummy. I caress it with my fingers, and stare at her little belly button. If you look closely, you can see where exactly the two arteries and one vein once were.

This afternoon, I sat, for at least a half hour with Bailey upon my breast, just staring in amazement of what she is. I began staring at her little belly button, and just spent the entire time deep in thought about how much that tiny little spot on her body means. That is where the umbilical cord entered. Without it, she would not be. The cord that entered her body gave her life, from me. Gave her blood, nutrients, and oxygen, all from me.

At some point during this feeding I had realized she had fallen asleep, as she usually does at this time of day. I just held her, again, as usual. Most days I complain, see my precious baby girl will not sleep during the day unless it is in the car or my arms. Most days this bothers me. Not today. Today, I just held on tight. Just stared at my baby girl. Just ran my fingers over her little body. Enjoying each and every second. One day, not too far away, she will be to old to sleep in my arms like this, with her face nuzzled against my breast, her hand in mine. And I will miss it.

I will treasure moments like these for a lifetime. And more.

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