Monday, November 2, 2009

Lady Bailey: One Month

Miss Bailey Grace is one whole month old today. I know I have been a complete slacker here. When I named this blog "The Unexpected" I really had no clue it would relate to more than just my pregnancy. Having a girl is so different than a boy. Bailey is still such a newborn. We find out her weight tomorrow. Just a week ago tomorrow, she still was yet to get back to her birth weight. She is still in her newborn clothes and diapers. She is mostly breastfeeding. When she is finished with 2 or 3 feeding during the evening, I will give her 2 oz of expressed breast milk or formula. If I was able to pump more, I would be able to cut out formula. I hate giving it to her. Her pediatrician was not happy she was still 3 oz away from her birth weight at 3w4d. She is sleeping through the night depending on what time I get up for the day. (8/9m-4:30/5a) Then back to sleep until about 7, then quiet and content until whatever time everyone leaves the bed.

Before kids, I never wanted to breast feed, was so against baby wearing and co-sleeping. Now, Bailey joins us when she wakes in the early morning. I already mentioned her eating. And, every time we leave the house, minus a couple family walks, she is in the Moby Wrap (Thanks to my JM friend Gillian. When I am too lazy to put it on or it isn't already on and we are going for a quick trip, I will use "The Peanut Shell" sling. And even Tom is getting into this attached parenting. He wears her in the snugli (Kinda like the evenflo carriers).

Her Brother's love her. Both are always asking to hold her. Collin doesn't understand he can't pick her up himself and keeps trying. It is sweet. Both boys randomly go and kiss her. Thomas is always calling her "pretty girl." Tom calls her Baby Bailey, and I call her Lady Bailey or Miss Bailey.

Bailey has rolled over twice so far. And has been to the grocery store, the playground, a birthday party, and on more walks than I can count. Saturday she even went trick or treating. Tom was showing her off to everyone. Taking her up to almost everyones door. He was so proud of his "4 week old bat girl."

I will leave you for now, with a promise to be back to normal posting soon. I really need to revamp this blog again and get back to the regularly scheduled programing.
And I will also leave you with my two favorite photos of Lady Bailey.

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