Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cucumber and Chicken Salad

Whenever we have left over chicken breast I like to make chicken salad for the next day's lunch. Each time it tastes different and is made differently depending on what fresh produce and spices we have on hand at the time.

This time I actually measured everything I used. You must try this! I am eating it right now and there is a huge party in my tummy!

1/2 C shredded/diced left over chicken breast
1/2 C diced cucumber, I cut our the centers as I do not like the seeds.
1 pinch of each of the following: sea salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, parsley.
1 TBSP Hellman's mayo
Mix with fork.
Total Calories: 216

I toasted two slices of Weight Watcher's 100% Whole Wheat (Thank's to WIC) and put half on each pieces of toast. Add in a bottle of water and 10 baby carrots, cut long ways into 4 pieces w/ 1.5 tbsp of Italian Dressing and you have a great lunch containing protein, veggies, and good carbs, plus your water! All for under 500 calories! Next time I will only use half of the chicken and cucumber salad and once slice of toast as I am currently over full! Whoa! Me? Over full on a lunch of just 439 calories? Crazy!

Now seriously, Doesn't this just look absolutely delish? 
(Notice, this is after I had already eaten one slice of wheat covered in this yummy goodness!)

Oh and the best part of homemade chicken salad: So yummy with diced celery and bell peppers (red, green and orange really brighten it up making it look amazing!), also, crushed almonds!

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