Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thirteen Months

Yesterday marked the thirteenth month she has been apart of our whole family.
Thirteen months ago, I fell so deeply in love with my sweet Bailey.
Thirteen months ago, I had no clue what she'd be like at this age.
Thirteen months ago, I had no clue how much I'd change.
Thirteen months ago, I looked into her eyes for the very time. 
Thirteen months ago, she was really mine.

Mine to nurture. 
Mine to care for.
Mine to hold.
Mine to live for.

All mine. 

For the past 13 months, Bailey has done nothing but light up my life. 
She is one of the 3 reasons I wake each day. She is my reason for not screwing up my life again.
She is one of the greatest reasons I have stayed clean the past 25.5 months. 
She is the only girl who holds my heart. 
She is my heart and soul.

My baby girl.

She is my Daughter.


  1. Sooo Sweet!!! :o)

  2. You got a blog award. ;o)



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