Thursday, December 2, 2010

14 months.

Happy 14 monthday to my sweet Bailey-boo. 

Bailey you still seem so much more like a baby to me, than a toddler. Maybe it's just mommy's way of keeping a baby around. Mommy is feeling so bittersweet of you getting older. Though I look forward to see each new milestone reached, and seeing you grow into a beautiful little girl, I am not ready. You are at such a fun age. You are walking and so much more independent, yet still need your mommy. You still look like a baby, and sound like a baby. You can play on your own, with your brothers, or with Mommy and Daddy. But you still love to have us hold you and comfort you. Maybe, the fact that you are still nursing is what makes me still look at you like an itty bitty baby.. Who knows.. Bailey, you are such a fun little girl to watch. The way you fight so hard to do whatever you want and get whatever you want. The way your lip quivers and eyes tear up when you can't do or get whatever it is you are wanting. The way you will sit and listen to stories so with such concentration. The way you play so contently with your brothers cars and action figured. The way you clap and get so excited when you see food, a cup, or Mommy's breasts. The way you say "hi", "bye", "boo"(b), here you go. The way you smile and babble when you get ahold of a phone. All of these things and more, Bailey, I love them. I love everything about you. As much as I want you to stay this little forever, I know you I will truly enjoy watching you grow and become a beautiful, intelligent, kind young lady.

I love you sweet baby girl.

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