Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This, That, and the other blog?

Things have been a bit hectic lately around here with holidays, illnesses, money, a new blog....ya know, the usual parenting crap..

We have not even begun to make a dent in our Christmas Shopping this year. I think we only have one small gift per child so far. Strangely, this does not bother me. We will get them a bit more of course but we are putting all the focus on family this year. My children will be getting more than enough from grandparents and my aunt. They will be taken care of. As the past 3 Christmas's I am a bit depressed this holiday season. It means it's the third Christmas with out Nana with us. And it also means the 3rd anniversary of her death is fast approaching. I still have trouble believing she is not with us. I miss her so much still. But, I will put on a brave face and cherish my children who are here with me.

Thomas is currently sick as a dog. On Friday morning, in the wee hours of the morning Thomas fell coming down his ladder and hit his head. Through out the day he complained of a head ache and we thought he had a concussion after puking in the car. It ended up being some wicked virus. He had a fever ranging from 102-104 all Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday. Tuesday I sent him to school as his fever was gone, but when he came home he looked like complete crap. Stuffy nose, teary eyes, sore throat. So he stayed home again today. Last night he slept 5-12 and 2:30-8:30, 13 hours. He is sleeping right now, been out for a couple hours, though has not had a fever all day.

Tom is working. *Hears the cheers* We finally paid October and November's rent, December will be paid Thursday. (Tomorrow) Our landlord let us sign a 6 month lease, so we won't have to worry about trying to move in December which is always lay off season it seems. Also, he asked us to keep an eye out for 3 bedroom condo's and town houses that are up for sale or foreclosed. He is always looking to buy new property and would be willing to let us break our lease, rent to us, with option to buy. I don't think anything will come of it, but it still felt great to receive the offer. Damn me and my glass is half empty attitude.

New Blog?
With 2011 starting, I am going to try to do a 365 project. I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now and keep forgetting. Oops. My buddy Trish is planning on doing it, so I got the reminder this year loud and clear. You can go on over to "The Unexpected 365 Project". Make sure you book mark it, or you can grab the button and link up as well!


  1. I've been thinking about doing 365 in 2011 too!!!

  2. Do it! I need motivation to keep going! (Which reminds me I need to get the past few days of Christmas Countdown pictures uploaded..)



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