Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas is almost near!

Christmas Time Contest Entry--You should go enter, too!

Every year, two Sundays before Christmas my father's side of the family hosts a large Christmas party, complete with Santa handing out presents to the kids, grab bag gifts for the adults, lots of food, and fun. 

This year, my Aunt decided to join my father on the Santa team as Mrs. Claus. While Santa got ready, she read "The Polar Express" to the children. They were all captivated, especially Bailey. (Not so much Collin.) 

After the story, she handed out m&m candy canes and bell's "from the story".
My children are still convinced adults can't hear them.

When I saw my buddy Trish started a new blog, complete with her very first contest I new I had to participate.
Add in the amazing incentive of a $20 gift certificate to My Four Hens Photography and of course I had even more reason to get my entry in!

If you're into photo editing, you should go enter as well! Just go see Trish at Tutu's And Sneakers!

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  1. What a great photo Nicole! Love how it's not the traditional Christmasy type photo.



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