Friday, June 25, 2010

Love it.

People are copying and sharing my last blog post. Glad I mean that much. Really........

My blog is about me, always has been, always will be.

game over Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you followers and readers. Those who email, comment, message, and support me.
Thank you for being "there." Thank you for being there when I need support, lending hand, or just a shoulder to cry on or an ear (or eyes) to bitch in.

Thank you.


  1. U are crazy...u can not see who is reading your blog if there is no user name nor can you see if someone has copied and pasted your blog...

  2. Read:
    Listen: never said I can see a user name. ;]

  3. I see your tracker, it is the number linked on the left side of the page, but it does not tell you who copied or where it was it is nice of you to ASSUME it is a certain person. Nice!

  4. Dont worry hunni.. they are making you famous! If they want to keep up on your life.. shit let them! You know that your that much more important to them now :)

  5. yea.....just a number. sure.. All you can see is that something was copied. But since I am the one with the account, I get to see the 411. Loving your denial. Really.



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