Saturday, June 12, 2010

Status updates for the week of 6/6/10

I saw this on a couple blogs and thought it was a perfect topic, especially counting how many times I post status updates via Facebook.

June 6 at 11:26am Happy 31st to my love, Tom, my bff Katie, and her baby girl, Mya Rose.

June 7 at 12:00pm 3 kids shitting at the same time? What are the odds? Just changed Bailey's and Collin's poopy diapers while Thomas sat on the toilet pooping. Then wiped his ass. hmmm.. wonder what it would be like to not have to wipe anyone's ass but my own....

June 8 at 12:45pm And NIP (nursing in public) bothers people?

June 8 at 7:07pm Thank you Katie for bringing me the iced mocha latte w whip. too bad it didn't last long and I'm craving another lol

June 9 at 2:08pm Not quite a kindergartner, but no longer a preschooler. ♥ :(

June 10 at 9:51am Everyday almost i go to the same DD. Everyday i get the same thing which is $3.49 or$3.65 depending on if they charge for the whipped cream. Why did they just try charging me $4.75, $6.81, and $5.30? How hard is it to hit 3 buttons and read the damn screen?

June 10 at 9:05pm "Spanish Buffet" Just called, I said Hello, They spoke spanish, I said excuse me, they spoke spanish, I said wrong number, they spoke spanish, I said no hablo espanol, they spoke spanish, I repeated no hablo espanol, they repeated no hablo espanol? I said no, they said excuse me and hung up...hmmm

June 11 at 1:50pm If your a guy, and you don't want your woman to know you are, or are thinking about messing around, whether online or in real life. Don't do it where conversations can easily be archived.
June 12 at 1:23am Killers was an awesome movie! Thank you Katie & Brianna for letting me join you two tonight. Gotta admit, the best night I have had since January!

And that my friends, is my week in Status'.


  1. LOL @ Spanish Buffet and June 11th sounds scandalous! Maybe someone needs a beat down! (Hope it's not your hubby!)

  2. lol, not my hubby, some weird guy friended me on FB then was all weird, followed by begging me not to tell his girl ROFL! Are you on FB? After reading your blog I def. think you and I would get along very well :D



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