Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Vehicle.

We are currently in desperate need of a new minivan. Ours is only working when it wants to and its not very often it wants to. The battery, which is brand new, will not stay charged and the alternator is apparently fine according the auto store.

We went to a dealership last night. They showed us a Durango. We can only be financed for something under $10k. Tom has been eyeballing Durango's for weeks. We start looking at it. I explain why it is no good for us. To get to the 3rd row, you need to tilt the middle row's seats. Both sides will have a car seat in the middle row. Can't tilt the seat if there is a car seat there. He starting to get my point, that not only would Thomas not have a way to the back, but I wouldn't be able to buckle him in either. Just as he sees my point, we realize this Durango doesn't have the 3rd row seating we were told it had, instead of being tucked away into the floor, there was just two storage compartments in the floor. They had nothing under $17k with 3rd row seating.

Needless to say, we have been arguing tons. He wants a SUV with 3rd row seating, or not. We only need to fit our three kids and us. I need a minivan. I need to separate my boys, I need to be able to have someone sit in the 3rd row with out moving the middle rows seats. And I need to have the option of taking other people with us. Without the 3rd row we cannot fit anyone else in the car. At all. With out the 3rd row. I cannot fit two car seats and a booster.

Why can't anyone grasp this concept? With a family of 3 or more, two row seating is no longer an option.

After days of fighting about cars I see this:

Toyota Sienna - Swagger Wagon - Watch more Funny Videos

Think I can talk him into another van now?

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  1. I suspect the minivan is hurting his man ego. I know it hurts mine. No guy wants to be caught dead roaming around in one. SUVs have grand appeal to us guys because it KINDA looks like a truck but it definitely does not look like a van.

    That being said -- before my son was born I took my red-hot sports car to the dealership and traded it in for a much more sensible sedan. It hurt like hell to get rid of it, but my kid comes first before anything else. If a minivan works the best for the family and kids, then I say that's what you need to get, egos be damned. At some point I'll get a 'fun' and cool vehicle back in my life, but for now -- safety and convenience is so much more important.

    $10-$13k sounds really high for a used vehicle, especially since you don't necessarily need a cadillac, just something that runs. I'd say not to be afraid of getting something in the $6-$9k range; you'll thank yourself for the low payments later. :)

    Hope it all works out for you!



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