Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Memories

Almost 5 years ago I gave birth for the first time. September 6th is a day I will never forget.

September 5th was Labor Day. I spent the day running around-up and down hills, stressed, all while having a good time at an interesting family BBQ. That night I had a small glass of wine to settle down. I went to bed feeling fine, just tired, around midnight-ish.

Around 2:30 am I woke up with an intense "poop cramp." I had to take a shit. Bad! And that I did. Sitting on the toilet felt oh-so-good. I went right back to sleep thinking NOTHING of it.
4:30 it happened again, and again I thought nothing. Well I did think I had the runs, but didn't associate it with labor.
5:30 it happened again. The "poop cramps" were worse, and relaxed when I sat on the toilet.
I hopped on JM to ask about it and tried to lay back down. Every 15 minutes I was cramping up really bad. At 6:30 I woke Tom up telling him not to go to work. I made a bunch of phone calls and went back to the computer. I spent the next few hours there or on the toilet.

Around 9 Tom called the OB. I was way to chicken. I was really trying to just make it until my ultrasound at 10.

We got to the OB's office at 9:30-9:45 and were immediately checked. Almost 6 cm! The OB sent us across the street to the hospital. We drove. We checked in and made our way to our room. You could tell just by looking at me, this was my 1st child. Both my husband and I were beaming with pride.

After I got undressed and hooked up to the monitors and all that jazz I just relaxed in the rocking chair. By now it was around 10:30. My parents and sister arrived to keep me company.

Around 12 the contractions where getting horrible. I was at 9 cm. I was set on going natural. Well, I just wanted to get "too far along" to get the epidural so I had to go natural. During my longest, hardest contraction my OB suggestion quite harshly I get the epidural. I replied, "Just get the damn thing already!" At some point around here I had threw up. Not pretty.

By 12:45 it was in. I was check around 1:15 to be told I was a 10. The nurse gave me the option of resting or pushing. I chose the former.

I started pushing a few minutes before 2 and at 2:43 he was born. He was immediately placed upon my now deflated stomach. I just stared and cried. I could not believe he was all mine. Here I was still a child in my own eyes now with my own. Yet I just knew I was going to do right by him.

The nurse took him away to get cleaned up, all while Daddy video taped and I snapped photo's from my bed. All while the OB helped me deliver the placenta and get stitched up.

I held him almost the entire time we were in the hospital. Healing sucked. I couldn't pee without pain or even sit for at least 10 days.

Thomas is currently over 4 1/2. He is so big in my eyes. He can be the sweetest, most gentle soul, or down-right vicious! Especially to his little brother. Thomas will be going off to kindergarten this year. He cannot wait! Mommy can.

Thomas Harold M. Jr was born on Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 at 2:43 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Completely perfect.


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