Friday, June 25, 2010

No where to turn.

This totally stinks right now. I need to vent. I know me. If I keep shit bottled in too long, the person I become is not so nice. I become angry, depressed, sulky, and bitchy. My children do not need that version of mommy.

They need the mommy who gets down on the floor and plays action figures or blocks. They need the mommy who cuddles up on the couch to watch movies, cartoons, or read a few ton of books. The mommy who sits at the kitchen table for hours on end, coloring, painting, working on words and ABC's. The mommy who kisses boo boo's and fights off scary birds in the middle of the night that aren't even there.

Yet, now I have no where to vent. My usual three are not available right now. My BFF is away for the weekend, and while I could call her cell, I don't want to be a burden. My husband and I aren't really on good terms at the moment. Then my trusty blog, facebook, and JM. Don't want to even bother bitching and moaning about that other than the fact things I have said, to those who were supposed to be a "(former) support team" ... don't know how to label is as they weren't really "friends", have been turned against me.

So now I am stuck. Stuck with all these thoughts from this evening in my head. No where to speak them. No way to get them off my chest and out of my mind.

Tonight I will suffer. But tomorrow, I speak.

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