Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese, Dope Sick, and Photography.


It's that time of the week again! Head over to The Un Mom and get Random!

Well, I still haven't posted about Bailey's 1st Birthday. I had a very busy weekend filled with celebrating her birthday on Saturday, then going to Hell Chuck E Cheese on Sunday to celebrate a very special 6 year old's birthday. The kids had an absolute blast! Even if mommy did leave with the world's worst migraine that a Ibuprofen 800mg couldn't even touch. I cannot believe 20 tokens for each boy lasted for 3 hours! Thanks to Collin playing a machine that had no tickets, and mommy speaking up, we got an extra 550 tickets! One employee filled the machine for us and told us the tickets coming out were ours for the take! All 550 tickets! The boys ended up with 808 total, so this was an awesome surprise! Bailey loves the little pink stuffed ball she left with. Bailey had a blast crawling all around, playing in the toddler zone, riding with Chuck E and a couple other "rides". My Aunt Alice was there, she has basically become the surrogate Nana of the family. She spend the whole time playing with the kids trying to get a picture with each great niece and nephew there. All Nana's great grand children at the party. Totally melted my heart! Best part of the whole day! I was asked to photograph the party and am devastated with the results! I don't know if it was the lighting, my switching from Manual to Aperture Priority or what, but I hated most of the pictures. Fortunately the parents are happy with the results. That's all that matters.. Right?! 

(Click to enlarge)

After a weekend of total chaos, I've been feeling pretty cruddy.. Not like getting sick cruddy, but actually feeling dope sick. Not a feeling I'd wish on my biggest enemy! (That is if I had one..) Just overly sore, feeling super lazy and tired, with no desire to get anything done, though the house is trashed after such a weekend. I'm freezing like you wouldn't believe and cannot stop sweating. I hate feeling like this, all I can think is if I just got a hold of one bag all this pain and misery would go away as soon as the plunger is pressed. Stupid thoughts. Go away. 

Last Tuesday I mentioned a Craigslist ad for someone to photograph a birthday party. Well I never gotten a reply. Whatever. I didn't think I would get the gig anyway. I'm just upset the lady didn't at least write me back saying the spot has been filled, or I wasn't what she was looking for. Anything would have been better than no reply at all.. 

Another cousin wants me to photograph her daughter when the foliage peaks, then her family when we get a good snow. I am dreading the snow pictures! If anyone has any tips on getting good family portraits in the snow and how to avoid big poofy jackets.. Let me know! Heck any tips on photographing someone other than my own children would be nice! 

How's that for random? Trust me I got more but I won't bore you any more. 


  1. We've done photos in the snow before in just regular nice clothes. The secret was to have some helpers along who would hold our coats for us and we'd leave them on as long as possible. We'd stage the shot in our coats, whatever it was, then we'd get everything set, shuck the coats, form the pose, get photographed, and then quick put the coats back on. Having the helper to hold coats and do the switches helped a ton.

    Also, don't be afraid to, say, take along a white sheet or white blanket that people can sit/kneel/lay on. It won't be on the snow long enough to really get wet and what if it does? It's just water. Same goes for clothes -- at the end of the shoot, would it hurt to have the kids flop down on their backs in the powder? Probably not if you're prepared with blankets to cover afterwards, and think how cool those shots would be!

    Anyway, don't be afraid to be non-conventional. The key to doing good photography is to do lots of photography, I've come to realize.

  2. Thank you so much Nathan! I didn't even think of actually getting in the snow, I was just thinking of them just plain standing in it, pretty boring and typical huh? Luckily I got some time to plan this :D

  3. you are brave - I always tell my kids CEC is closed! hee hee



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