Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Collin is due for his 6 month re-eval since starting speech therapy. I am afraid they are going to say he doesn't need anymore. :blush: I know he still does. The kid can't even say his name (ah in) and so many other words. But he does have quite the little vocab now. He only grunts or moans for his requests a few times a week now, where as he was doing so all the time when we started. I am so proud of his progress, I couldn't be any prouder. He has come such a long way in the past six months. A very long way.

Some mommy brags are:
-Counting to 10 when he thinks no one is listening/watching.
-repeating letters, although they are all "E O A".
-know's the basic shapes (stars, circles, squares, hearts, triangles).
-know's basic colors although he likes to say all colors are green (black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white).
-Has started to sing songs he knows.
-Traces EVERYTHING (not speech related, but still love it!) and draws smiley faces giving them all names of the family.
-able to communicate potty needs.
-able to communicate needs and feelings. 

Since Thomas has started full time kindergarten, Collin is doing amazing. In speech therapy, as well as behavior. During the school day I almost never have to raise my voice (still working on that!), do time out, distract him, anything. He is an amazing listener when Thomas isn't around. The only time he acts up is when Bailey steals a toy, knocks over his blocks, etc, which is understandable.

We still have to work on him talking very loudly a lot of the time, and his recent development of covering his ears at 'loud' noises. And do a new hearing test. Basically, in public restrooms it started. Screaming "Loud" while covering his ears when the toilet's flush. Then it moved onto the sound of the vacuum, the toilet at home, buses driving by standing at the bus stop, Tom listening to music, Bailey crying, horns beeping. How he is reacting to loud sounds is my only concern.

I really hope today goes smoothly and he can stay in for another 6 months...
I have no support from Tom on this front at all. He never thought Collin needed speech therapy. And is hoping he can stop after today...

Anyway, I will update after his evaluation.

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