Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 2 Complete.

I mentioned a couple of days ago I had started Couch to 5K (C25K). Today I did my 3rd day of Week Two. And boy did I suffer! What makes no sense to me is, Day 1 was not bad at all! I mean I was beyond scared of running for 90 straight seconds, but I did it and with each run I completed, I felt amazing! I was so high on happiness when I completed the last run. Day 2 was hard, and I really felt it that night. My knees were killing me! Today, while I did get my 2nd furthest distance, was the hardest yet! I honestly did not think I'd finish! With each run I was planning on quiting. I did stick it out and for that I am super proud of myself, but damn that was hard! The inside of my calves are killing me. I swear I was expecting a fire to spontaneously start from them with each run! Week three I have to do a couple 3 minute runs! Oh man...

Eating is going well! I am so proud of myself at the moment. Since we have to get skim, 1 or 2 percent milk with Collin's WIC checks and Bailey needs whole milk when drinking milk, I decided to take the plunge and drink some 2%. I know it isn't the healthiest, but I'll take it! And I am slowly decreasing the amount of sugar I put in my tea as well! This is a big thing! I usually add ten, yes ten teaspoons per 10 oz cup of tea. I also usually put a bunch on my WIC cereals. I have started eating the Quaker Oat Squares and the Honey Oat's and Flakes (contains granola as well) and both are actually tasty with out loading on teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar. Who knew?

Newest accomplishment: I can actually get into push up position! I still can't do a push up but I can go half way down and back up! I can also do the yoga stance, downward dog. That one position has always deterred me away from yoga. I am so excited! I can't believe after just 16 days I am actually seeing changes! Mostly, I can't believe I am still sticking with it after 16 days! Go me!

If anyone has any healthy suggestions on to get that scale to move a bit faster, or how to sustain running for 3 minutes straight, I'd love to hear them! (Other than slow down, I already am really slow! I can walk at my running speed.)

Also, if anyone knows any good weight loss or fitness blogs, please share in the comments as well!
Thank you so much to those who have been so supportive of my yo yo urges to do this. I finally believe I can do this. I will lose the weight needed and I will get in good enough shape to play harder with my kids.


  1. Awesome Nicole! Your doing a great job and have every right to be proud of yourself! To help withe sugar issues, try opting for healthy sugar free snacks such as sugar free jello or pudding. When I am craving sweets I either suck on sugarfree jolly ranchers or chew some sf gum. That always helps. Making the scale move takes time but a few things that will help are with meals drink water with lemon in it, it curbs appetite. Put your fork/spoon down on your plate before having another bite . The golden rule of weightless, eat your protein first, veggies second ( no potates r not a veggie) then eat your starches if you have room. This will make you consultant aware of what n how much u eat.

    Also after work outs remember your body needs to restore it's energy supply. Make sure your having a high protein/low sugar post workout snack . Like an odwalla,cliff or. The zone or some type of energy bar. Or drink a protein shake the brand I use is Isopure in apple melon it's very good not think or chalky it taste like juice and give you 30 grams of protein per water bottle with two scoops of the mix. I have bunches more
    Tips if you would like just email

  2. Thanks a lot Starry, I've started actually chewing my food and swallowing before taking the next bite, and taking time to eat instead of scarfing it down as fast as possible, lol. I may be bugging you son!



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