Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday sweet Princess

I have been wanting to write this blog post for days, yet continued to wait until her actual birthday. Now, I am just too tired! I have pictures to go through and video's to watch, and I am exhausted. We went shopping for birthday party decorations this morning and hiking this afternoon. Then this evening our favorite friends came over to sing happy birthday and eat cake. It was a beautiful day, even if now my feet and back are killing me. I need better supporting sneakers! I will post the best photo's and videos tomorrow. But for tonight, I will share Bailey's 1st birthday montage I finished last week and have been waiting for today to share here. And few quick snap shots.

Happy 1st Birthday to the sweet little lady of the house, Bailey Grace. One year ago at roughly this time, I was cuddling up with you. You weren't even 2 hours old. I stared at you in awe. I couldn't believe you were mine for the keeping. Now, everything before you are just distant memories. You made our family complete, though I yearn for another pregnancy and birth, I am so very content to say you are my last child. You really  did round out our family, adding in your own little bit of sass. Watching you go from a little baby to a little girl is amazing. I was always afraid of having a little girl, but with that little girl being you, I will make it. You are my light. You are my heart. I love you.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. 



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