Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Or as Bailey says, "Eeh! Eeh! Eeh!"
Or Collin, "Wic Oh Eeh!"

Despite heading out later than usual, 
Bags and Buckets were filled to the top.
Despite having to stop early,
And as always Mommy hated to stop! 

Boys had a blast,
Bailey loved it too.
Mommy and Daddy had fun,
And got along too!

"Trick or Treat"
"Thank you & Happy Halloween"
Is what the big kids said ,
with each house we had seen.

Chocolates, Taffies,
Lollipops and gum.
If you don't want Mommy to get them,
Grab the Reese's & run.

More manners seen, 
than any Christmas season.
Something about free candy,
gives everyone reason.

Treats are all sorted,
Kids are in their beds.
Visions of candy
are dancing in their heads.

Now it's Mommy's turn,
And Daddy's turn too.
To go through the candy,
And pick a piece or a few.

  Happy Halloween!  


  1. Very cute little goblins! Nice poet work, too. :)

  2. Can't take all the credit LOL. I would write out three lines and ask the hubs to help with the next. Eh, it worked, I think.... ;-]



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