Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long, Long Day!!

First of all, I am exhausted! In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Thomas had a really bad nightmare, waking me up by screaming bloody murder from his bed. My heart stopped. What a scary moment to hear your child scream, "Mommy! Help me!" on the top of his lungs while crying hysterically. Thomas only ended up sleeping another 30 or so minutes, around 6:30 am, which means mommy barely got any sleep. Especially considering I hadn't gone to bed the night before until almost 2 am....

Then Saturday we ran around all day getting the last few things for Bailey's party. After dinner and bedtime, I baked cakes and cupcakes. Katie came over after work and showed me up by decorating Bailey's cakes like a pro! (Still sorry, I messed up the icing on some spots packing everything to get to my parents....) Katie didn't finish until 3 am..

I got up late this morning, 9 am, but was still exhausted! But sleep was not an option. I made sure the van was loaded with everything we needed. All three kids were dressed and in the van by 12:30. I had to decorate my parents backyard before the party began at 2!

We didn't get back home until 7 pm. Bailey fell asleep in the van and is currently in bed. Morning is going to come way too soon with her going to bed this early!

I have to thank an amazing JM mommy for Bailey's adorable, perfect birthday outfit. Katie for Bailey's amazing cakes, and making my smash cake dream a reality! Katie again for providing the goodies for the goody bags, my Daddy for the local, platters, and helping with the clean up. Thank you Auntie Julie for brining a dish. And thank you so much for those who came to celebrate my sweet princess on her special day.

I am too tired to do it now, and this is already taking forever, but Bailey's Birthday Bash and Pictures from our day will be shared soon! Be on the look out!!

And I will leave you with one little teaser:


  1. The cakes are absolutely AWESOME!!!! :) WOW!!! You have an awesome cake decorator friend for sure :) I will await more pics on pins and needles LOL:)

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