Tuesday, September 22, 2009

38 wk appointment, ultrasound, and belly picture

Made it to yet another appointment.

Ultrasound was fine, we didn't measure Bailey, but just checked the fluids. Still borderline low. Bailey is still head down as well. She looks very cramped in there.

Appointment was normal. Urine fine, BP 112/70, weight down 1 lb from last week. Total gain: 11 lbs. I am the same as last week. 1 cm dilate, 50% effaced. Today he added that my "cervix is very soft, and ready for labor to begin." He also added some really crappy news. If I make it past my next appointment he may not be delivering. He will be on vacation from Sept. 30th-Oct. 7th. I know who will deliver if I go into labor during that window of time, but 1. I do not want to make it that far along, and 2. I have said this entire pregnancy I really want Dr. Sharpe to deliver my 3rd child. We were told this same thing when pregnant with Collin. My OB was going on Vacation on Jan. 19th, was going to induce on the 18th, but I had him on the 17th.

So I guess we will see...I hate not knowing what is going to happen.

Here is my latest belly picture:


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  1. I hope Bailey comes very soon! I wouldn't want my Dr. to go on vacation, that's crap. You look great btw!



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