Friday, September 18, 2009

Is pregnancy sexy?

I read this blog faithfully every time there is a new post. Today's post was simply a link to something the author had written about a new commercial for "HOTmilk Lingerie."

I know everyone has different feelings of their pregnant body. I personally do feel extremely attractive, even sexy while pregnant. When I am not sporting my big baby bump, I usually have very low self esteem and never think of myself as an attractive woman. Yet, while pregnant, I feel as if I am the most beautiful woman in the world. My husband, tells me he thinks I am beautiful all the time pregnant or not, but when I am pregnant, he just seems more attracted to me. It is like once I hit the 3rd trimester he can't stop staring and drooling, LOL. Which of course, helps boost my self esteem as well. I find the pregnant body to be absolutely stunning. Absolutely sexy.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Now that all of us have big bellies, how are you feeling about your self? Do you think lingerie marketed for pregnant women is a good idea? Or do you find it kinda sick?

Just looking for others thoughts to make sure I am not just a complete freak.


  1. It's good that YOU find yourself to be sexy while pregnant, because a lot of women go the other way even though the hubbys always seem to think they look more attractive. As a guy, pregnant women are almost always attractive, even if I wouldn't necessarily say that when they aren't. I don't entirely know the reason -- I think it's partially because the hormones make everything round and soft and shiny, part of it is the Titty Fairy showing up and doing her part, and part is the idea of a pregnant woman being the product of some guy 'getting one past the goalie'. As childish and trite as that sounds, men have an inborn instinct to procreate and when it's fulfilled, well -- it's a good feeling.

    So, rock it! If you feel good, and your hubby feels good, awesome! For all the painful or bad things pregnancy gives women, you deserve a bit of good, right?

  2. I think pregnant women are very sexy. It's the confidence you get, the glow, and the sense of pride you have in what you're doing with your body at the moment.

    I'm glad there is now a lingerie specific for pregnant women. I usually just search for cute babydoll lingerie. BTW, I love the commercial.

  3. I've always thought I look my best while pregnant too. And I wish I had pregnancy lingerie when I was pregnant, I'm sure John would have loved it too. lol
    As for men finding women sexy while pregnant I learned in my psychology class that most men do find women sexy when pregnant, and leads back to the whole bit of survival. Women who were pregnant attracted men because it showed their fertility and ability to carry on humanity.



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