Thursday, September 17, 2009

Online Love & Support.

I swear I am so very fortunate to have an amazing support system online. The women on Justmommies have been amazing to me since I first joined January 20th of 2005, when I was newly pregnant with Thomas. Since then, I have gone through many life changes. Many ups, and even more downs. Without the women I have 'met' on this site, I would not have a place to go to vent my frustrations, brag about my boys, etc. I would not have a place to socialize, which any sane woman needs. As I called them before, I would not have the amazing support system I have. These girls are my crutch. They hold me up when I am down. They are always there for me, no matter how stupid I can be sometimes. And they will let me know when I am being ridiculous as well, without being vicious about it, like some of the people I know IRL.

Anyways, the reason behind this post is the 3 beautiful gifts I have received this week.

1st came, these beautiful outfits from Chrisa. All three are gorgeous, I love the little green outfit and cannot wait to put her in it soon! The middle outfit is 12 mos, and I just love the pants! I cannot wait until she can fit into this outfit. And the sleeper says, "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy." Tom already decided Bailey will be sleeping in it the 1st night she comes home.

Next came a package from Shannon & the girls from the January 08 Playroom on Justmommies. I have been wanting to cloth diaper Bailey, I just love the look of cloth, plus the money we can save is just all the reason in the world behind wanting to use cloth. My problem is finding them in stores. I don't have a bank account or credit card, so buying online is almost impossible. Plus the start up costs are not an option right now with Tom being laid off, yet again.
Anyway, I was sent these adorable diapers. I especially love the black and lilac one.

And lastly, I received another package this morning. Unfortunately, it didn't say who it was from. I have no idea who it can be from at all. So if someone can fill me in so I can thank them properly I would appreciate it. I know it has to be someone from Justmommies, because no one I know IRL would have a package sent to me.
It was a gift basket and extra bottle of lotion from Burt's Bees. The two lotions, the shampoo/bodywash, and apricot oil all smell delicious! I cannot wait to use them on Bailey. There was also diaper cream, which I have always heard such positive comments about. And there was a cute little comb with the 'bee' on it. Plus the little basket is so cute!

Thank you girls for the beautiful gifts and always being there for me, in so many ways. Without you, I would lose my mind. You are all such amazing people and I just wish I could afford to do something kind in return. I hope my thanks and gratitude is enough for now.


  1. Burts Bees is from me. It was supposed to have a note. I got smaller similar sets with both boys and I loved the stuff. I saw that set when I was on their site to order Bella some stuff.

  2. Thank you Trish, I had a feeling lol. You are way too kind.



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