Sunday, September 13, 2009

Officially Full Term

Yep I am full term 37 weeks and 1 day today! I am so excited to make it to full term, considering the many many contractions I have had over the past 18 or so weeks <_< :lol:

Now, all I need to do is make it past Tuesday's appointment and I guess I am ready to go! At my last u/s she was measuring a couple ounces shy of 7 lbs, and that was two weeks ago. (yes I know it can be way off!)

In the past few days I have put together her bassinet, washed all of her clothes and folding and put away all the NB and 0-3 mo stuff. I still have to put her swing together but am waiting for the last minute due to the kitty. I packed my bag as well, but it was strange not packing her bag as well, since she won't be coming home with me. I have also cleaned my bedroom more than I have done since the day my parents moved and cleaned the living room and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom.

I would love to say the nesting phase has finally kicked in, but it hasn't this wasn't all done because of an intense urge like the boys, it was done because I am petrified of going into labor today at Thomas' birthday party, don't ask why, just a feeling I have had since the beginning of the pregnancy. Also, done because this place was disgusting and I had no choice but get it done.. I hadn't done a decent cleaning in months..

All that's left besides figuring out the delivery is calling my insurance company to find out the details of the breast pump. My plan is to call Monday morning.

I am still feeling cruddy. Having contractions every 20 minutes or so daily, then every 3rd or 4th day they get 10x worse and come every 3 minutes convincing myself I am in labor then going away.. Hemorrhoids just made a disgusting appearance. Today I have had really dull yet persistent cramping, starting in my back and radiating to my lower abdomen all the way down into my crotch.. My girly parts feel like I had really, really rough sex last night. Whenever I go from sitting to standing it feels as if Bailey is just going to fall out, thats how crazy the pressure is. I never felt that with the boys.

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