Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bailey's 6 month check-up.

My sweet baby girl finally had her 6 mo check-up today.

birth: 7 lb 7 oz, current: 16 lb 3 oz, 55%
birth: 20 1/4", current: 27", 95%

She is long like her daddy. She got her 6 mo shots, barely cried. Over all she is in perfect shape.

We were at Milford pediatrics instead of our usual pedi, as he is currently in the hospital, and you could tell they don't approve of Dr. Fugal's ways.

I was asked what she was eating, answered all stage 1 foods, except meats, mum mums and puffs. I was told not to start meat until 9 months. Where as with Dr. Fugal I would have been told to try whatever I am comfortable with, except of course peanut butter, eggs, honey, etc.

When I told them that she had been waking up 1-4x a night to nurse, I was told to stop feeding her during the night, try talking to her, giving her a paci (she wont keep in her mouth) and I definitely need to stop taking her to my bed. Dr. Fugal would told me almost the same, but would have also told me, if I am comfortable with her getting up during the night, then it is fine and normal.

And lastly when I said I was nursing, I got a look as if I was filth.

I am glad not all the doctors in this office are like this. In fact was the 1st time I was sent to this office and didn't like the doctors.

And before I forgot. Dr. Fugal is probably retiring. According to the doctor, the nurse who did Bailey's stats, and the nurse who checked us in, Fugal is not coming back.

This breaks my heart. When I chose him to be Thomas' pediatrician, it was because of his laid back persona and the way he made me think of a grandfather. The dark humor was also a huge plus.

Now to search for a new pedi or make the switch to Milford Pediatrics.

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  1. Sounds like Bailey is doing wonderful! She has about the same stats as Samantha. :o)
    I'm sorry to hear about the pedi. Sounds like the person that saw Bailey is a big meany.



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