Sunday, April 25, 2010

More than enough.

Five to six (sometimes 7) days a week my husband goes to work. When he comes home he runs whatever errands need to be done. Then cooks dinner and gives the boys baths. On Sunday's he takes our massive amount of laundry to the laundromat and gets that done. He also changes diapers, plays with the kids, holds Bailey when she is fussing and I need a break. He is the one that scoops and cleans the litter box. He does all the car care and even helps do the weekly cleaning on the weekends.
Sounds like a lot right?
Why is it not enough for me? Why am I always hounding him to do more?

Today, he got up at 9, left for work at 10, came home at 2:30, played with the kids, ate something, packed up the laundry and left to do it and grocery shop. Then he went downstairs to the neighbors to paint. He didn't get in the house until almost 7:30.

I was furious! How dare he leave a pile of clean clothes and linens on the couch for me to fold by myself? After being together for 10+ years he should know I despise laundry, especially the folding. Especially re-making the beds. Especially putting it all away.

I was also upset because dinner wasn't cooking yet. Yes, I could have and probably should have, cooked dinner myself, but he is a better cook and well, I hate cooking. Almost as much as I hate folding laundry.
The main reason I was just so upset about his busy day is because it was yet another day we didn't do anything as a family besides eat dinner.

We usually do family things at least twice a week, if not more. Usually something during the week we do something together, and then again on the weekend. And this was the perfect week for family outings! All week long it was gorgeous out! Perfect park weather. But he worked until 6-7 every night this past week. He promised we'd do something on the weekend. I couldn't wait! There was a kids fair going on a few minutes away and it was completely free. I could not wait to take the boys for the arts and crafts, story time, and music. Plus Gil Simmons from New Channel 8 was going to be there to teach the children about weather. Friday night he informed me he'd be working Saturday and we'd go to the Daffodil Festival on Sunday instead. Based on what you have read, you know that didn't happen either.
Needless to say I am a tad bit bitchy tonight. And a nagging bitch at that. Tom, clean up the dinner mess. Tom, clean up your dinner mess. Tom, change Collins diaper while I clean up the dinner mess. Tom, start the dishwasher. Tom, get that paint pan out of the sink. Tom, empty the trash can, it's overflowing again.

I ask for way too much. I totally don't do enough. I would never make it as a single mother, or married to any other man. I am so very fortunate that he loves me for me and is okay with me not doing all the typical housewife duties.
I love this man.

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