Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enjoying middle of the night feedings

I must be crazy. This weekend I have actually been enjoying, and looking forward to Bailey's middle of the night feedings. Since Wednesday Bailey has been fussing at the breast at all feedings except those between 12 and 8 am.

It has us both frustrated. I have been crying at almost every feeding trying to get her to stay latched on. She latches, suckles, pulls off, cries, rinse and repeat. It really gets to me. I get upset, flustered, and end up lost.

My baby has been nursing like a pro for 6 and a half months now, why the sudden refusal? Have I done something wrong? Is she teething? Is this a nursing strike? Who knows.. I know we will get through it.

But until then, I will enjoy hearing her fuss around midnight and taking her into my bed. And when she wakes again between 2 and 3, I will smile as I help her place my breast in her mouth.

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