Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Shower!

I was not expecting a shower ever again after my son Thomas was born. Why would I get another? The only reason anyone in my family gets a 2nd shower is if there is a large gap between children or the mom is a new member of the family and they weren't around for the st shower.

Seeing as Thomas is not even four, I was not expecting one, even though we are desperate for clothing and cloth diapers for Bailey.

I got an email and then a call from my Aunt Julie. Julie is the "mother" of the entire Lalla family. When someone is down, she brings them up. Whenever she is needed she is there 100%! She asked me if I would be offended if she were to throw a shower for me. I feel so loved.

No one in my family (on either side) is very thoughtful or caring, except Aunt Julie.

August 9th, 11am-2pm will be a small brunch in honor of Bailey Grace Elizabeth. All I am asked to do is to provide a list of people (and phone numbers) I would like to come, and show up.

She has asked if I wanted it at my house, or hers. Her thoughts were my house would be great as I would not have to go anywhere, but her house I would not feel obligated to clean or be the hostess. I chose her house. Plus my backyard is dingy and dirty where hers is classy and clean.

I cannot wait! I feel blessed.

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