Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The debate continues.

Since I am a hugely devoted member of the JustMommies Message Boards when they started the JM blogs I just knew I would attempt to join the blogroll. Now that more and more of the daily blogs I read are joining I am feeling more tempted to join.

Yet, there is something stopping me.
Is it that I feel my blog isn't enough about motherhood?
Is it I feel my blog is too negative?
Maybe it is because I let out way more than I should on here, and if some of the women on JM read they will look down at me?
-That can't be it, otherwise I wouldn't have my blog linked in my sig..

Hmm.. Maybe.. it's because I personally think my blog sucks..

Who knows.. Maybe I will keep thinking about it and never apply. Maybe I will just swallow the lump in my throat and just do it.

We will see.


  1. I say go for it! Your blog is much more interesting than mine and it made it.

  2. Do it! I don't have any swing in who gets approved to blog, but I think you should do it. Of course, you might have to drop the "F" word from your vocabulary. :P

  3. hmm.. can't swear at all? hmm.. the debate continues. off to the toilet to think about it ;-]

  4. I keep going back & forth on it too, Nicole. Sometimes I blog daily and sometimes every couple weeks, ya differs. It doesn't hurt to try so go for it!



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