Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My inspiration<3

With my two boys, I had every intention of breastfeeding.

In fact with Thomas I even told me entire family he would not get one drop of formula until at least 6 months, and would breastfeed until one year. My the crap I had to deal with for making that decision!
-When he was just two weeks old, I quit. Totally quit, I know now that he was not latched on correctly. I was in so much pain. I was ready to chop my breasts right off with him. Needless to say, my family was happy with my decision to give up my dream and goals.

With Collin, my intentions were to go in 3 month increments. If I were to make it to 3 months, I would aim for 6, if I were to make it to 6 months, I would aim for 9. And again instead of telling myself I would breastfeed until one year, I told myself I would do my best.
-And I did. Though I am still not happy or have come to terms with it, I nursed him until three and a half months. I did not stop because he wouldn't latch or because I lost my supply, or just because. I had to go on an antidepressant that was not safe while breastfeeding. I was asked by many psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and my own O.B.G.Y.N. "Would you rather have your son be breastfed and have a crazy mommy; or be formula fed, and have a healthy mommy?" Of course I had no choice. I chose the latter.

Just a few moments ago I read this blog: The author Astrid is a member of the Justmommies Forums. She has triplets who she gave the wonderful gift of breastmilk to until 1 year. And one of the trio is still nursing a few times a day!

Honestly, if she can make it through a stay in the NICU, a hurricane, and 2 babies who lost interest, I can definitely nurse one baby for at least 9 months.

I can do it. I will do it. This time.

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