Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello Bailey, was that you?

Lately as I lay down in bed at night and in the morning, and in the middle of the night before deciding if peeing is really that important I lay flat on my back and feel the hard little bulge that is Bailey and my uterus. While I have yet to feel a distinct kick, I have been feeling some shifting. I really, really hope she is not like Collin and is more like Thomas.

My favorite parts of pregnancy, are the distinct kicking, the hiccups, and as strange as it sounds, the feet in the ribs. I complained quite a bit about that latter two during my pregnancy with Thomas, in fact, it was the main subject of a lot of my conversations.
With Collin, I never got to complain or enjoy these precious moments. Collin was breech and I had an anterior placenta, which muffles those swift kicks. I could not believe how upset I was and still am about not feeling him much until the last week or two.
Now with Princess Bailey Grace.. again, I have an anterior placenta, blocking those jabs and kicks. Yet, because my placenta is a tad bit higher up, I can feel her shifting way down low, at least now.

I swear if I do not get to enjoy the kicking and moving like I did with Thomas, this will guarantee a 4th baby ;-]

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