Monday, May 4, 2009

First girl purchases

Weeks ago before we knew the sex of the baby, I bought this for $2.49 at Xpect of all places. I brought it home and hid it in fear of cursing the baby..


Of course the minute I found out baby was Bailey, I could not wait to go shopping. Finally yesterday, Thomas and I got out to TJ Maxx. Thomas was so sweet! He wanted to take home everything pink he could reach. The one thing he loved the most was a 0-9 mo. bathrobe, which I was lucky enough to find a matching hooded towel and washcloth for.


I of course am a picky pain, so wanted to only get long sleeve/pants stuff.. which is all put away for summer.. I was fortunate enough to find 7 piece set for $9.99.
Includes: Onsie, sleeper, pant/T-shirt set,
two bibs:


I found quite a few onsies that I loved. I really love the feel of the organic cotton so I got 3/$9.99 and a set of 5/$9.99. I took a photo of all 8 together, and some individual shots. The set of 5 had one in it that caught my eye that made me buy the whole set; lol!

Whole Set:

My favorite:

Tom's Favorite:

The other ones said "The world is my playground, keep it green." "I'm green" w/ a green own. "What do I want? MILK! When do I want it? NOW!" "Organic Garden fun." "Organic little ladybug." The last one is just butterflies and flowers.

The very last thing we grabbed was this 3-6 mo. outfit that Thomas loved. Well we both did, I just didn't like that I need to get a long sleep shirt/pants to go under it for Bailey to actually be able to wear it while it fits.

Bailey's 1st skirt outfit <3


It is really not much at all, not a wardrobe anywhere close here.. but it is a start. I cannot wait to shop more!!! My next goal is to hit up Once Upon A Child for some winter stuff!

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  1. hi my name is mechele i know i sound like a wacko but i went to school with Sarah and i feel the same way as u about her anyways i do not and have not talked to her in years but i was following ur blog here and just mommies and it is like seeing myself.... i too fought drug addiction (different drug) but i feel for you and i relate ALOT i now live in FL wen i moved here in 2007 my life was well fucked my hubby almost left me and we had 2 kids right when things started getting better shock of a lifetime pregnancy happened and it was twins funny thing is i named them Samuel and Graciana well i joined just mommies (but can not for the life of me figure out how to put up pics) but i have cafemom (shaynlukesmom) my journey is up there i hope i dont sound crazy and if Sarah told u anyting about me i am sure it was a lie (as i assume most of what se told me about you is) it is just i really do understand ALOT of what you write i will send you a invite if u wanna see my kids (they are my life, i get te feeling you rs are your life) even if u dont wanna i just want u to know you CAN get there you are doing it everyday 4 ur kids you are a great mom (from what i can see) ppl come and go in our life for a reason you are a stronger person because of all of this and ANYTIME you wanna talk i am here......from one great person and mom to another again i am sorry if i am comming off life a fucking wacko i am just a cool person who has been through hell and back again so i feel ya! ps your kids are beauitful and congrats also i am sending this to u on myspace and just mommies and one last thing how the hell do you post pics i could so become a JM addict! SORRY I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SEND MESSAGES



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