Thursday, August 5, 2010

Think Positive.

I tend to be a glass is half empty type of person. I always harp on the negatives.
Currently, with Tom getting laid off in 3 weeks, I am doing it even more so.
I am getting really nervous about what's to come. So, I decided to focus on the current positives in my life.

1. I have three amazing children. Although I do get very easily frustrated with them, they are over all really, really, good kids.
2. I have a wonderful husband, who goes above and beyond to help me.
3. Thomas is going to kindergarten.
4. Our bills and rent are paid, and there is food in our house.
5. We have luxuries such as house and cell phones, digital cable with a DVR, and internet.
6. Our children are very happy.
7. I have an awesome new van.          
'03 Dodge Grand Caravan
8. My daughter is periodically taking steps and standing on her own. Now long enough for me even to take a picture, or 5.

She stands alone.
9. I haven't touched heroin in almost 23 months.
10. I have a new camera.
Thank you Rachel!
11. My kids, husband, and I are healthy.
12. My mom is still with us. 
13. Although some of her ways annoy me to no end, my children all love my mother in law to bits and she is always willing to come and watch them. Even if it means diapers don't get changed, house is a mess, and they eat and drink crap. At least they have fun with her.
14. Though the depression and crazy mood swings are there, I am doing much better controlling my emotions and anger.
15. I have not slammed my head or face into a wall in months.
16. I have people (Love you Katie) who are there for me. 
17. I am finally enjoying being a stay at home mom.
18. My sweet Collin is using more and more words! (That is a blog post in itself!)
19. Speaking of Collin, he is periodically asking to use the potty.
20. For someone who dwells on the negatives, I came up with this short list very quickly.

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