Monday, August 16, 2010

Splish Splash

Sundays are supposed to be family day.
This Sunday was supposed to be a day at the beach.
But with rains coming and going, it was hard to plan.
We decided on an hour at the splash pad (at the beach).

Thomas had an absolute blast.

He especially loved standing on the water that sprayed from the ground.

And sitting on it.

Collin was so hesitant to go in.
It's not like it was the hottest day of the summer.
In fact, it was pretty cool out.

At one point Thomas tried to tell his cousin, "Time out!"
as he was trying not to get sprayed in the face.

Thomas was so excited!
It is a rare moment for him to get a turn at the water gun.

The boys were having so much fun,
they didn't even realize they were playing nicely;

(Notice Collin's hair is still dry?)

Thomas could not believe the mist spraying area was actually empty!
He had the whole spot to himself!

Of course, he went right back to sitting on the sprayers.

All while Collin was content playing with the puddles.

Unfortunately, there were older kids, well teens, 
who kept sticking the water gun thing down their bathing suit bottoms
 and aiming the ground sprayers into their bathing suits.
Thomas copied oh so willingly.

As always with this splash pad, out of no where the water just stopped.
Thomas let everyone know.

It was to cool out to let Bailey join in on the fun.
She stayed with daddy.

Finally Collin decided to fully get wet!
Of course he still stayed out of the direct line of fire.

He mostly enjoyed the mister.
When it wasn't on!

You could not believe just how excited
Thomas got when the ground circle was available!

Thomas soon realized the water gun did a complete 360.
Too bad it didn't spray when turned around!

Lucky for me!

Almost as soon as he decided to get wet,
Collin said it was "nah ny time."

Thomas tried standing under the buckets,
but unfortunately missed the pour.

Collin continued to lay on the bench,
wrapped in his new 'bzz & wuh-E" towel.

All the while, Bailey played with Daddy.

Thomas tried so hard to get his cousin,
who was freezing,
to come back and play.

Finally Collin was warm and rested.
He decided to play with Bailey.

Bailey hung at the fence and watched.
Unfortunately, her stroller was not allowed in.

She was starting to get bored,
so Daddy took her for a walk.

Eventually, the rains came in.
I let Thomas know he had two minutes left.

He had 120 seconds left of fun.

He decided to spend 60 seconds of that
tasting the water. Blech.

Thomas got his towel on.

And we were ready to roll.
Not even 30 seconds after buckling everyone into the van,
a storm rolled in.
By the time we got on the highway,
only a 45 second drive,
The rain had stopped.

Though I was miserable before we got there,
and sad that we had to leave.
It was the best hour I have had in quite a while.
And Thomas' pruned thumbs let me know
I wasn't the only one.

As if this wasn't complete photo-overload, you can see more photo's from the splash pad here.

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