Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nice Things? Not me!

You know that one person who doesn't own anything nice? Or that person one person who breaks every thing?

That is me. I am just not meant to have anything nice. Ever.

As a child, I went through 6 different Walkmans.
Every year I was given a porcelain doll for Christmas. I shattered a few of them.
My now deceased paternal grandmother hand made a ceramic lamp for me. It fell off my dresser and shattered.
I had a beautiful gold necklace given to me for my 1st Holy Communion, it was stolen. Along with every other piece of real jewelery and everything else with value.
I have lost 4 disc-mans, 2 pagers, and my first cell phone.
All by my 14th birthday.

The 1st year Tom and I were dating he gave me a four leaf clover charm. I wore it around my neck faithfully. I woke up one morning with it gone.

He gave my a gold dragon necklace with a real emerald in it. Broke the chain, then lost the dragon.

The very 1st ring he gave me on August 14th, 2001. It had light blue and clear stones all the way around. All but 4 stones are gone.

I lost my favorite "Nightmare before Christmas" purse, filled with my wallet (all my information, $$$, unused gift cards), keys, and other crap, all by leaving it on the roof of the car and driving off. --I was fortunate to get it back over a year later! With everything still in it but the cash and gift cards. Even very stale cigarettes were still in there.

There are 3 other chains I had snapped all from Tom.

Right before Christmas '08 I told him not to get me any jewelery as I break it all. I told him the colors of Thomas', Collin's and the baby we miscarried's birthstones. I asked him to just go to a craft store or Wal*Mart and just string me a bracelet with cheap "crystal" beads. It was all I wanted. That way if it had, indeed broke, it wouldn't be money down the drain and would be easy to replace.

He didn't listen. He came home with this; it was beautiful. I cried. It had each of our names and our boys names with our birthdays, and the baby we miscarried on it with the date.

It broke within a month. It was an easy fix, but it kept falling apart. After how much he spent on it in the 1st place I felt horrible. I warned him. It broke for good back in March of this year. I need a piece to fix it.

Then on Tom's birth curseday I went to McDonald's for breakfast. I was in the drive-thru when I  looked at my hand on the steering wheel only to notice the diamond from my engagement ring was missing. Yep. Gone.

Both my lenses for my Nikon are broken, from falling off things, which is way when I used that camera I have to manually focus in each shot.

Anyway, that is just some of the things I have lost or broken. Yes, I totally do suck.. I was doing very well for a few months.

That is, until today...


  1. Ugh, I am the exact same way. I don't even wear jewelry anymore other than my wedding band, and even on it I've managed to lose two of the diamonds. I had the first replaced then the next month I lost another even though when I got the first replaced I paid extra to get the prongs reinforced.

  2. I had a couple of years where *any* jewellery I wore would fall off. I (thankfully) seem to be past it now. My husband, on the other hand... that's a different story... ;)



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